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Tripping The Light Fantastic

The Southern Pinwheel spiral has
what's considered a "grand design".
This Hydra galaxy's known as
Messier 83, ashine

in glowing lines ekphrastic,
tripping the light fantastic.

Myriad births are taking place
sidereal, within its arms,
at a stellarly speedy pace.
Gazers sight these celestial charms

so astrally dynastic,
tripping the light fantastic.

Fledglings of a few million years
are bursting from their dust cocoons,
blowing bubbles of reddish spheres
ere they cluster in blue festoons,

not to be periphrastic,
tripping the light fantastic.

Under a star that danced above
Beatrice sprung to life on earth
willful of voice and choice in love
mid much ado and merry mirth—

nay, no lady elastic—
tripping the light fantastic.

Milton addressed the Goddess Joy
rendering honor to her wiles,
then entreated her to employ
laughter's pleasure of dimpled smiles

in jollity stochastic,
tripping the light fantastic.

Starry-eyed poets such as I
following astronomic views
turn our reveries to the sky
and delight in the Hubble hues

with verse enthusiastic,
tripping the light fantastic!

by Harley White

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