Trips Of The Mind

In my mind trips, I traveled
The shape of your body at least
A thousand times, until I knew
Each contour,
Each curve, each line.

In my heart's journey, I roamed
As freely as the wind blows,
Covering the surface of you,
Blowing into each crack and crevice
Until I became you.

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (10)

I got to the end and wished there was more to it. A surprise for the mental senses. Great work.
Linda, you have created a lovely little charmer. Sincerely, Greg
Wonderfully sensual meditation... I love the feel of: 'In my heart's journey, I roamed/As freely as the wind blows...'
The unity of two becoming one, beautifully described. A very nice poem, Linda. Julia
Linda~ This poem is so sensual and calming. My favorite part is, “Blowing into each crack and crevice Until I became you.” The imagery here is so beautiful and almost mystifying. Nicely done! :) ~Courtney
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