CA (08/11/1980 / Los Angeles, California)

Trivia Questions

Before you
there was nothing
and after
you, there will be nothing.
I've always told you, young lad,
how you remind me
of Lord Krishna.

As you bathe in the light of
nuclear holocaust,
your outstretched arms transform
into IV hangers.
The softest, most tranquil
runs laps through
my nervous system.

Oh how the rays of misty light
look beautiful
on your expressionless forehead.
I just want to kiss them off.
Remember that one time we argued
because I wouldn't
your advice?
I'm sorry. Please forget about it?
It was trivial. It was all trivial.
Trivia questions:
Who was the 9th president?
What is the 14th ammendment?
Who was Eva Braun?
In what year
did the poet
Carl Adam Ingwell die?
What were his major accomplishments?
All that matters right now
is that nothing matters.
But doesn't that mean that something

Let's just dance, you and I,
upon these clouds of death.

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