Poem By Crimson Love

Love is meant for two, yet I desire one more,
Fun with three, this love will be,
Sitting upon a throne I watch, these beauties tease,
Moving deliberately, falling to there knees,
They slowly carress each other, then look at me....

Crimson Love Burns with the want in their eyes,
Sitting in my throne, parted at the thighs,
I sit and enjoy their willingness to please,
Sitting next to me both maidens wanting me,
Dreaming always in three,
this love is shared, not one....
but all that I please.

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The Stylized representation,
of this hallow muscular organ,
Perplexes minds upon the brink of insanity,
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The Crimson Prince

The Crimson Prince, better than that of charming,
seducing women, without even trying,
Why do they love me, when I am so unlovable?
can they see crimson pain, beaded upon my blade?

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I'm the angel sent to protect you.
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I watch and observe.
Such a delicate creature of beauty,


I'm not well spoken
And find myself more often than not,
fumbling over words most can't fathom
let alone grasp meaning.

Whisper's Of The Heart

When Love I bestow, it shall be upon thee,
My love like my life are yours, can't you see?
Your love more valuable than anything to me,
Your beautiful smile,


My stomch turns,
I think of you,
Burning inside,
Passion is gone