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The New Love
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The New Love

Poem By Dorothy Parker

This is a really bad poem, gonna get a “one”.
No, this is a really bad poem, a really, really, really
Bad poem. Hell I just threw up while writing it.
This is so bad. And I mean really, really, really bad.
No really, it’s bad, it’s horrible, it’s disgusting, it’s revolting,
It’s the worst darn thing I’ve ever written, but I
Can’t stop, it’s like being a Troll I guess.
They can’t stop either.

Here Trolls, “one” you can be honest about.

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Comments (5)

I think the only word that counts is 'do we care'. The lack of it is precisely what this world is experiencing, to its detriment. H
For heaven's sake, kids... do we care about our reputations, or our poetry, or maybe even the readers?
I think it's a trap! hehe ;)
Sandra, they give ones out of a profound sense of inferiority. The y know that they could never be real poets. They know that we produce excellent work and they can't stand it. He who cannot create is driven to destroy. On second thought I take the word 'profound' back, they are incapable. I have been given one name who has been identified, waiting for more. Hopefully Emilie will boot them off as well. I am sure they don't even peek at the daily hits. It would kill them. H
i'm a big troll with five or so holes but i bless you with a ten With a warmth allan