We are a silhouette
You and I
Black and white
Against the pale blue sky
I hear the whispers
I feel the bitter stares
'What are you, racist?
As if they think i care
'Whats wrong with the white man'
They often accuse
Well whats wrong with black
I guess we're todays news
How can we be racist?
For arent we against
All that racism stands for
What is this, A test?
Oh poor simple country mice
Lend me your ears
This is about us
We dont care for your fears
A beautiful picture
Of love as it is
The plain and whole truth
Let your shallowness rest
Two worlds are collided
In his and my mind
Intermingled with passion
And with hearts that now bind
When we say our 'I DO's'
Then together we will be
Husband and wife
Through Eternity
Amen to the black man
The whole world i searched
To find a pure heart
And his was the first
To love unconditional
Boundries were crossed
And now evermore
Silhouette wont be lost

by nikki hays

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