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Troubled Eyes
NB (03/09/1991 / Basildon)

Troubled Eyes

You look at me through troubled eyes
I see a head that’s full of lies
Saying that one day away we will fly
Away from here the time is nigh

I don’t love and you don’t love me
We cant carry on, cant you see
Your hurting me, I wish to be free
You and I we cant be

We cant fly, we never were going to
I look through the eyes you look through
I see myself standing without a clue
Again let me say I don’t love you

I used to, once along time before
That was before I knew the score
you’ve been cheating on me more and more
Really its getting quite a bore

It has to end right here right now
How I loved you I don’t know how
All I can say is take a bow
Your deception made me really think WOW

I was stupid, took it all in
Your living a like full of sin
The strand of your love was always thin
Like a voodoo doll I was stabbed with a pin

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