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Troubled Parts Of A Wishful Heart
CM (03/14/59 / )

Troubled Parts Of A Wishful Heart

How many stabs must I take
A wishful handshake from long ago
Many they act as if they do not know
A mans word his strenth comes true
Means nothing more than a fine adue

A thousand pieces my heart is broke
All he thinks of is to take another toke
Where is life does he not see the strife
How many hearts are laid to waste

He's not wicked its not the blood to taste
For he cares not of trust or love
Tis just a fantitisy not from above

Wicked shrecks and broken hearts
How long before the trust is gone
He'll wake up and see the wasted
Years cast out to sea

Then he; ll wake and see
Who he can truly be
These are not the seed Ive sown
But the children before they've grown

They see not the morning light
Nor the moon above
This nothing more
Than a Fathers unconditional Love

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