Troublesome Forty [31 To 35]

31.To sing under the lute that is out of sync, is embittering.
Painful to see the stupids in Maths predicting the better times
for doing acts! The sounds of the unpolished drum by mud irritate.
Enmity of the rude is harmful.

32.One who doesn't protect oneself is miserable.
Back-biting of someone is awful.
Friendship with the bad is appalling.
Ruining of the people with orthodox views is anguishing.

33.The meaning of the words uttered by the swillers is shocking.
To walk on the thorns in a jungle is distressing.
Atrocious to resist and kill an animal that reaches the bank
from the floods! Friendship with the criminals brings grief.

34.Speaking about the kinship with the indisciplined is saddening.
Even a good book will harm the unwilling readers.
Friendship with the mean traders is grieving.
To wander in the jungle abhorred by the good is painful.

35.The world will be in peril if there are no cloudbursts.
The sounds of the trees making the tune of the flute are jangling.
Children falling ill give us pain.
If the handsome lacks intelligence it is languishing.

by Rajendran Muthiah

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