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Troublesome Thug
TT (3/27/89 / klamth falls OR)

Troublesome Thug

Tha world showed no mercy on me so why should i,
I got a personal vendetta an this game got me meserized.
I'm suicidal with this thug life,
Retaliating for all tha stuff that never went right.
It's a intricate game that im playin to win,
An i cant speak with tha lord cuz im soaking with sin.
Evil lurks in tha shadow of my eyes,
Screams trying to escape tha dark coners of my solitary mind.
I was raised in tha slums so you know i got a thug mentality,
I know tha american dream aint shit but a fantasy.
So some will say that im heartless an got no love,
If you asked me i aint nothing but a troublesome thug....

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