Was it my first ever on four wheels, not four legs?
Possibly; can’t recall prior.

Driver, dad’s friend; as I thought
A nice man who helped much
He took me in cabin
Not backside with cargo.

There we were two, three,
Others were elderlies, VIPs
I recall general, not the names
One by one.

Driver was not ours
He was of Esfahan; his accent
Unaware; I thought then
I was child.

Five or six; or seven?
(Somewhere there)

First timer, yet sat there with pride
“Keep head up” injection in blood.

In my mind I was in control,
I ordered.

In his heart, driver must have laughed.

No asphalt, gravel, nor track; he was the pathfinder
Around us was nothing;
Visible mass on mass rainwater, in extent no border.

I want my childhood back…
Life was tough; absolute…
Fighting had its own fun…
And we walked with pride…

I miss my animals and mountains and bushes and plains and farmers.
I want my childhood back…
Not driving truck in this age…

by Nassy Fesharaki

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