She loved him with a passion
that only angels know,
He thought she was so beautiful
her soul was made of gold,
She blessed the ground he walked on,
He held her in esteem,
She thought that he was surely god,
He thought she was a dream.


He loved the way her dark hair curled
around her naked breast,
She felt the tension of his skin
as they nakedly embraced,
She whispered words of ecstasy,
He kissed her with desire,
She held him close as if cocooned,
He felt his blood on fire.


Their hearts and minds entwining
they could not break away,
Between the earth and heaven
their emotions gently swayed,
She shivered life eternal,
He trembled hope supreme,
They bonded as if welded,
Love without a seam.


by Charles M Moore

Comments (4)

Mutual admiration - equally loving on both sides. What a beautiful write. You say it all without getting too mushy. Love your style! Linda
How did you know? Beautiful, pure, good love... Thank you.
I am so glad I read this, even though I tend to shy from love poems. You truely have a gift, Charles, and this one is beautiful. -chuck
Charles, I am left captivated my this. An awesome write. So much emotion, so deep a love. Wonderful! One of my favorites from you. Patricia