***true Communion

The great bodies
rituals & prayers passed on to us
Get in touch with God;

For personal prayers
As hotline to God,
True Communion
Helps we keep account with God;

To excel, to love
All comes from God,
And a search for truth
accomplishes prayer;

The heal, repairing relationship,
Peace, change hearts, caring,
Connects God;

We receive gift,
Acquire ability of caring and loving miracles,
Of forgiveness, build a world full of Love,
With true intimation with God.

by hari khabrani

Comments (2)

that was beautiful hari, God takes away our sins with his power and his glory brings us all to freedom!
true communion we accept God's gift, we profess our faith, give thanks and seek forgiveness for our sins...Great love, when shared all under HIS DIVINE WILL....Nice poetic creation.