DE (August 20 1988 / murray Utah)

True Emotions

You took my heart and ranaway.

I lost my mind on a warm summers day.

You said you loved me and promised me the world.

And I was wrong, wrong for letting go of my heart, wrong for beliving and trusting.

But even now your still running with my heart and I still love you and my mind is eternally lost.

And I'am wrong, wrong, for letting my self love you, wrong for still beliving I might have another chance and wrong for putting my self through the pain.

You are still my friend and sadly my heart will beforever yours.

But I'm doing wrong, wrong by trying to make you care and wrong by still holding on to the past.

I look into my future and see nothing
I'm back at square one lost and alone.

And yet again I'am wrong, wrong for hoping, wrong for trying and wrong for not wanting to let go.

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I love it. it expresses everything i've felt before so clearly. awesome.