True Existing Statemeant

Poem By Walter Meetze

I keep shedding souls
Create and destroy
Shake off the dust after the pillage
And rise again Phoenix on old grounds
That clears away wreckage and distress
That uncovers what has been crushed
Finds a friend warm under remains
Finds that I'm still trying to live
Against my destructions creates my beauty
Of words inking pictures bounded by awe
Erases my Hate for nothing more than anger itself
Angry at myself for nothing more than destroying
The Circle Keeps Repeating
And I am caught in it's whirlwind
Humans born to kill each -and I am only myself
Fighting black ink on white paper that shades in the Grey
If a losing battle sees no victory
Then no loser am I by no means
Of cowardice, treachary, or suicide!
I Exist. I do not exit
I do not run from fears or fear that I will be nothing
I remain on this beloved Earth to find out what will be
I will know Her heart keeps beating beautiful
In all my sheddings Someone still remains
My faith And my belief create my will to Love
And I thank God! Peace is forever.

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