True Friend 3

Poem By chettur aishwarya shrivastav

A true friend,
Is hard to find,
Who will stay forever by your side,
Will understand your mind,
Just through looking in your eyes,
You don't have to tell those guilty lies,

Who will lend you an ear for your secrets,
Would provide a shoulder to shed your tear droplets,
Would hold you when you will fall,
Would come at midnight on just a call,

Always will make you to smile,
Even if he is away for miles,
Those moments you can cherish,
As slowly as your friendship flourish,

Goodbyes will be only till tomorrow,
He would never let you bath in sorrow,
He would change joys to your route,
Would play melody for you on life’s tough flute,

When he'll go very far,
He will still say goodnight to you from the star,
He will grab the moon,
And set perfectly at your window,
He will not leave you so soon,
And will always inspire you to start a new tomorrow!

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these words are for you and me,
because i believe you are an angel sent to me,
crazy friends we are,
not close but yet not so far,

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