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True Friend

If I had the chance, I’d wish for a friend:
Much greater than I.
Someone who understands the power of speech,
the beauty of one’s own voice,
but who can appreciate the value of silence.
I would wish for a companion
To know me better than I do myself.
Somebody who comprehends my way of thinking
but who will make me try the things
I’m afraid of.
I should long for a person:
Much stronger than I.
Someone who could remain on a mutual bond
Of trust, honesty and loyalty.
A friend to listen, somebody who should read
my whole story from beginning to end,
before taking a hold on my hand and whispering
“Everything will soon be alright, I promise.”
I would wish for a friend who could give me
acceptance, and share with me secrets,
as yet untold.
A balanced character willing to learn, to teach,
judged as I am.
Without portraying me to be the soul they perceive
me to be.
Someone who could forgive my flaws,
and show me the way.
An acquaintance who should never leave me
until my final breath is gone.
And even then, holding onto the last seconds.
When nobody but myself and they know of my
They wait, watch, they cry, they hold, they embrace.
And I soon fall, my limp, dying body; cradled closely
in their arms.
Drowning in a pool of blood and tears.
Every sorrow left behind, a selfless thought.
Unlike the rest of the world, they:
forget me, regret me… Yet still allowing,
memories of my soul to live on forever.
If my wish were ever granted
You can be certain that I would reflect their own desires
In eternal debt and gratitude for their existence.
Until that time, I am still alone.
Knowing nothing of what emotions like that may feel like.
It pains me to understand that
perfect friends cease to be on Earth.
Maybe on day, I’ll find my own way.
And at last, somebody I could call
‘my true friend’

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