True Friends

True Friends come in all sizes, Blessings from above
They bring joy and happiness and unconditional love
They are there when you need a shoulder to lean on
Come what may, any time of the day, night or dawn
They respect you, never question, accept you the way you are
For you they will leave the door of their heart ajar
They will come and hug you when you are in pain
They want nothing in return or for any materialistic gain.
They will come and play, ride the Rainbow with you
Wipe your tears, hold you tight when you cry and blue
Don't be shy, say hi to some one who you just met
They may be a true friend, passing by. Later you may
Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and
impossible to forget
Don't be afraid to love if some one reaches out to you
May be this is the one that you are searching your
whole life through
A Friend in need is a friend indeed, hard to come by
Don't let them go, hang on to them until you die

by Syed Karim

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Friends like this are hard to come by, Nice write and warm sentiments. Great work! Lilly :)