True Friends

You're hiding everything
You have secrets that no one else knows
Think you can hide them for ever
But you really can't
You've hidden them for a long time
And now there haunting you
Crawling under your skin
Burning deep inside
You know what you must do
But you just don't want to
Afraid of what others may say or think
Cause all your life you've been on top of the world
And you can't see yourself falling off the top
You've always had everything thrown at your feet
Never worked for anything
You've always been hurting deep inside
You just found a way to shove it to the side
Not letting the tears fall
You've always had it all
But no one even noticed the look in your eyes
They see right through you
And it hurts so bad
But you don't want anyone else to know your hurting
Afraid of what people may say or think
So you keep all the secrets and all your lies inside
They've piled up after all these years
Now there haunting your every move
Every step that you take your in pain
Screaming when no one else is around
Crying all your tears at night while lying in bed
Its hard to sleep even harder to close your eyes
Filled with so much pain and misery
Broken inside you have no one to turn too
How you want to tell your best friend but your to afraid of
what she may say or think
But if she is your true friend she will understand
Cause friends are suppose to be there by your side no
matter what
No matter what your going through true friends are there
And they understand and care about you
True friends care and understand and if your friends aren't
that well then they are not your real true friends

February 6,2008


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