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True Friends And Fake Friends

(TF) =True friend
(FF) =fake friend
(U) = You

U= Hey gurls
TF=hey gurl
U=(to FF) i love your outfit
FF= i kno
TF=(to u) i love your outfit
TF=(rolls her eyes)
U= ay you kno the guy i like he jus dissed me on the phone last night he called me ugly
FF= Well you are sike naw just playin (laughs)
TF= forget her and him you are georgeous and any guy would love to be with you
FF=(still laughin) yeah
TF= that other guy you like likes you though go talk to him
U= i guess so okay i will c you guys later(you leave)
FF= you really think she is georgeous
TF= yes i do and you have issues
FF= i'm jus playin
TF= You play to much(walks away)

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