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True Friends Indeed

Negative things of those they don't like comes easy for some to say
But suppose they cannot help it if they are this way
That words can be mentally hurtful none ought to deny
The wisdom in judge and thou shalt not be judged to them does not apply
An old pearl of wisdom that is nice to recall
If you do not have something nice to say about a person say nothing at all
You may be one of the nicest people in the town
But there is always a few in their words to put you down
That you are a good and a likeable person well may be so
But the one with many friends is not without a foe
You may have good drinking mates in the local bar
But it is when you are in trouble you know who your friends are
Yes you know who your friends are in your time of need
For these are the friends who are your true friends indeed.

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