True Friendship

True friendship is a treasure,
it is beyond all measure.
Without words, they know what each
wants and needs.
Always are these, amazing
and instinctive deeds.
It is giving without receiving;
Unhesitatingly and comfortingly
extending understanding
and believing.
Tis having complete trust, no lies or
half-truths between them.
Schemes and plots, against
one another, never begins
to stem.
It's closeness without being smothered.
Jealousy does not have to
make it cluttered.
Tis freedom to speak of things
without reproachful or gossiping
Confiding them to family
You'll end in tears.
This friendship is closer than
sisters or brothers.
There's no doubts or distrust,
as with lovers.
It's proven again and again, when
they meet for a profitable end.
No mater how far apart,
these deep feelings of
protective caring dwell
within each heart.
True friendship is purity of
companionship that goes on and on.
Only death can cause it to

by J.P. Kennedy

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