True Friendship

What is true friendship? She pleaded for an answer
It is a dance, he said, Trust is the rhythm
Tentative steps to the tune
And in building confidence in our partners
We trust
Then we dance to the rhythm
Does friendship grow? She asked
Experience and Practice join in over time, he said
Patterns of Presence
Do you hear music? He queried as if he knew the answer
Yes, music, she replied
And more
And is it a waltz or tango or something perhaps more modern? He teased
It is the dance of my heart, she smiled.
New and exciting movement
But old and kind
It is the dance of our friendship
It is Trust loose in the world
Holding hands with me
Humming to the tune of Life
Life in Love
Sweet sound

by sharon wildey

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Comments (2)

Friendship as viewed in one's mirror, interpreted poetically. Beautiful.
A heartwarming poem, dear Ma'am Sharon....10++++++++++