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True Friendship The Test Of

My friend and I did quarrel and a punch up did take place
And when I asked him for his forgiveness a smile lit up his face
We shook hands and we made up that's what friendship is about
Your friend he will forgive you though you punch him in the mouth.

My acquaintance he did punch me though him I do forgive
he is somewhat less of an acquaintance now and without him I can live
Had he been my friend in the first place as my friend he would remain
But with him I'd feel more happy if we never meet again.

True friendship survives quarrels the bond of friendship strong
And though your friend will quarrel with you he will never do you wrong
I've seen friends have heated quarrels and their quarrels turned to blows
But they quickly shook hands after true friends never become foes.

My friend and I had a heated argument that ended in a brawl
but the swollen eye he gave me did not bother me at all
And when I asked for his forgiveness a smile lit up his face
And all was quickly forgotten when we did shake hands and embrace.

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