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True Friendships

'Tis said we cannot change our blood relations but we get to choose our every friend
And some friendships last for a brief span and some friendships in death only end
True friendships transcend disagreements true friends as true friends do remain
You lose nine for one reason or other out of every ten new friends you do gain
True friendships do not die in a Season true friendships they live on and on
Your true friend will surely stand by you when your so called friend from you has gone
When you are in financial trouble your friends from you won't turn away
When you are forsaken by all others your true friend as a true friend will stay
you are in deep financial trouble the financial company has re-possessed your car
Your moods are bordering the suicidal 'tis now you know who your friends are
Your true friends would never forsake you and though your friends may be few in the town
Your true friends will never ignore you they will help you when you are down
You cannot choose your blood relations though your friends you surely can choose
Though some of the friends you have chosen on your journey through life you do lose.

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