True Guilt

watch me as tears run down my face
the feeling of regret and nothingness has set in
beating myself up
dwelling on heart breaking memories
kick me while im down
thats all im worth

i know sorry's not guna help heal your wounds
but thats all i know to say
im tearing apart inside and i feel so numb
my open wound is bleeding
bleeding for you

i know you cant forgive me
this feeling like shit is bringing me down
destroying me
i have the blade, my wrist and the blood
letting it out with every dropp has never felt so good
all i want is to feel
just want to be free

i hope you know everything i do is for you
regrets too much
so now i fade
lost too much
begin to shake
forget me as im dead to all

by brad brown

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Guilt is the most destructive and yet worthless emotion we humans carry around. I hear your pain, I have felt it and am sure most who read this cry from your soul, will identify with your explanation. Whoever it was, we cannot control events or destiny, all we can do is take our part, even if it means having or breaking a heart. Cutting however is a mugs game! British expression.....I understand it but don't like it and suicide may be painless but only for the suicide, everyone else is left in agony and anyway, we have to come back and do it all again if we take the short cut! pun intended....Peace to you, Tai