True Happiness

The warmth of the sun,
The touch of your hand,
The waves against my feet,
This is true happiness.

My father’s smile,
My mother’s laughter,
My brother’s love,
This is true happiness.

Making you laugh,
Making you smile,
Making you see that there’s more to me,
This is true happiness.

Doing this,
Feeling, emoting,
This is true happiness.

Dancing, but not only dancing,
Giving it my whole, my being,
Becoming the dance,
This is true happiness.

Seeing your face when you realize
That I’m always me, with or without you.
Me realizing that I don’t need you.
This is true happiness.

by Gabriell Davis

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This is true happiness
Nice poem
be happy with your life happiness is good to you
thats right. the beauty of the world is my hapiness. i like it.
Sir, This is one of the best poems that I have ever come acrossed. Nothing more.just keep up the good work. Aanchal Dhara