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True Love
JR Joniel Riewoldt (July 2,1988 / Texas)

True Love

he lights up my soul with a million fireflies
as he searches for some kind of meaning, deep in my eyes
my heart flutters alive as you pull me in closer
your face lit from our laughter

as hundreds of feelings come rushing through
i'm so glad that they could only be because of you
to make me feel so many emotions for just a simple kiss
to live a life with all these feelings would surely be bliss

i believe what you say when it's i'll love you forever'
when the thought comes up of ending, you say 'never'
i can't stand it when you're mad
i'd do anything to keep you from being sad

they say we aren't serious or old enough
to claim of such love
but i can feel it when i'm with you
there's nothing they can do.

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