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True Love
ACN ( / Gaborone, Botswana)

True Love

True love can thrive anywhere
True love knows no hindrances
True love crosses every bridge
True love climbs all mountains
True love crosses all rivers

It knows no impediments
It knows no but's It knows no conditions
It knows no borders
It knows no discrimination

Love that says I will always love
Love that says I will always forgive
Love that says I will always try
Love that says I will always smile
Love that says I will always stand

Once started there is no going back,
Once begun there is no finishing,
Once accelerated there is no stopping,
Once switched on there is no switching off,
Once provoked there is no revocation,

No mistake is too much to be forgiven,
No problem is too big to be resolved,
No one is too ugly to be loved
No disease is too great to be healed,
No wrong is too dirty to be condoned.

True Love

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