True Love

our love is a black rose, open each petal one by one,
I dont care if your a vampire nor im a werewolf,
as long we have each other,
when i kiss you always make me gasp for air,
keep breathing even we are far away,
you know, i love you i loved you all along,
i miss you for far away too long,
i keep dreaming and never letting you go
stop breathing if i dont see you anymore
you hold onto me and i'll never let you go
each black rose scatters one by one
so keep breathing cuz im never let you go
i need you to say i forgive you for being away for far too long
i love you...

dedicated to joey and sandy

by Kelly Rose

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an expressive poem voted10 surya
good reminded me of
lovely poem Kelly, really original. i love all of it especially the beginning. keep writing! :) Athena *** words will change the world ***