DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)

True Love

Is it true
Will it be mine
I will never know unless i try
Just give it all you got
If she don't bite
Then your not true
That bright light
Shows you more
Of what you have in store

Cause baby I need to know
I need to know
Is it true?
Is it real?
Is it what we feel? (chorus)
You know it's godda be true
Godda be true love

Whenever we meet
I feel like my stomach goes into a knot
Knowing what we've got
My heart beats so rapidly
It's hard to breathe
I just as you these three questions...(chorus)

Is this feeling so so true
Thats what I'm asking you
Yea baby I need to know
If you love me
If you adore me
Cause I love you
And I adore you (chorus)

Everything revolves around you
Every feeling I get
Makes me want to give
Whatever I possible can

I need to know if u can return it back
Thats why I'm asking you these few questions (chorus)

by Dan Uher

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