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True Love

A story of true love for me for to tell
George loved his beautiful partner Rhonda when she was younger and feeling well
Before the passing of time did bring gray to her hair
And he has loved her since a massive stroke confined her to a wheelchair

Of his devotion to Rhonda there is not any doubt
The story of George is what love is about
He remains true to her in her time of greatest need
He is one of honor and a great person indeed

True love does not have borders is a fact of life that is well known
Those who do love truly their feelings never disown
George will love Rhonda till death them will part
Their love for each other is more than a brief affair of the heart

Because of so called love some women of their husbands or partners live in fear
Of women being bashed by men far too many stories we read of and hear
Violence against to gain power over another is not love in any way
That love is not about abusing or controlling is only true for to say

I know of a few true men George is one by name
Though he may die as he lives as a stranger to fame
But his wheelchair bound partner Rhonda remains the great love of his life
A real man does not bash or abuse his partner or wife.

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