True Love

I open for my love, but my love had turn away from me.
My heart leaped up when he spoke.
I search for him, but i could not find him,
and gave no answer.

By the night on my Bed,
I search for my love.
I search him but i did not find him.
I went out and go, about the city in the street and in the squares.

I will seek the one i love.
I search him, but i did not find him.
I ask the watcher who go about the city, found me.
'I asked him' Have you seen my love?
scarely had i passed by them.

When i found the one I Love, I held him and i don't want him go.
'He spoke and say to me' My Love i am always by you, watching you everyday, waiting for you to open the door. I never turn away from you.
I am always besides you. Now that you open your door for me
and finds me you finds life!

by Mary Wismer

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In quest of love- a promising stance that rouses one to be in love within and door opens slwly to the plexus of love yet protracting.............