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True Love Awaits
TS (7/28/87 / California)

True Love Awaits

I wait for you
with all my heart,
knowing that when we meet,
we will never part.
We will stand united,
throughout time.
Brought together,
by something Divine.
The mere touch of your face,
and your undeserved grace,
will make our souls touch,
and forever be embraced.
Oh, to feel your love
and to know your heart.
To take on one more journey
connected as we depart.
We will wander forever,
with no worry in mind.
Holding hands and walking,
till Heaven we find.
We will dance with the angels
watching us move.
Swirlling again and again,
with no point to prove.
Testifying to the definition,
of true love.
Showing the whole world,
that this alone is enough.
We will make heads turn,
and hearts yearn,
for that fire in our hearts,
that will forever burn.
So I await the day,
we finally will meet,
realizing its only each other,
that we really need.

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Rudyard Kipling


Comments (1)

Beautiful, beautifully written. Loved it. It just flowed, and gave the hope that somebody is out there for you and each of us. A poem that I needed to read right about now..... Enjoyed.....