True Love Exists? ? ? ?

Poem By Devils Child666

Does true love exist?
I don't think so
It's unreal
To much of a fantasy to be real

Yet I still search for it
Wishing that it will find it's way to me
But why search for something unreal
I'm wild always finding fun
Yet no love

Can it really exist
Can something that seems like a fantasy exist
Something that most people say you can only find once
So if it exists

Why has'nt it come to me yet?

Comments about True Love Exists? ? ? ?

i can honestly say this is a good poem.....but in my opinion i think love really exist cause if it didnt why do people still search for it, everybody no matter how many times they say love isnt real hopes and dreams of that special me meli u will find it just dnt rush it ur still young and i agree to the fullest love finds u
it exists my friend and u need not to find it... it finds u.. very nice =D u expressed it finely =D -mel
True love exists but it is really rare. BUT, it happens
i ask myself the same question! ; ]

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