TTO ( / Washington State)

True Love Knows No Boundaries? ? ?

It's a organized ring giving reunion in November- -
.....They will meet and scheme in drifts of snow.....
'Cause Christmas (opportunity) is arriving soon- -
And there are things they NEED to know.

It's not going to be the: 'Same Old, Same Old.....
You know the one's from the original past plans
'Cause there are multiple things in place now- -
Out of their sight & completely out of their hands.

So the question remains: 'what to do? What to do? '
Do they tip toe as if the place is loaded with land mines?
Or do they go in bold, crude, rude, like the June 5th dude?
To commit this, yet another, private property invasion crime?

It is the mystery of Pamela street and boundaries...
This is just a message to those of the past who tress passed- -
You know who you are and amazingly so do we - but have said nothing
Will this Christmas, not locked up, be your last?

By, Theodora Onken

November 23,2016

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I remember the poem of the home invasion and the fear it engendered and how vulnerable it made you feel- -it is a sick feeling when your home no longer feels like a safe place to be. This poem lashes its tail with anger, this poem is taking its home back. The pendulum has swung. Just be clever as a fox, my dear friend, have all your traps in a row. I am glad the neighborhood is aware. The night is safer with a thousand eyes. So is the day. My goodness, this poem absolutely crackles with fury barely leashed, with justice demanding its due.
A mystery poem, you say, and a very mysterious one, I say. What it sounds like is that perhaps people on your street have been going around stealing things from people's yards and/or homes during the holiday season. Please follow up with another poem when you catch them!