SE (1993- still kickin :) / WV)

True Love Never Dies

i can't help but think of you.
how you held me when you felt the need.
you'd shed a tear when i was in pain.
and our love would grow stronger.

then one day, that horrible day.
you felt the urge to move on.
and how hurt was i when you told me?
i felt as if i was bleeding inside.

just the thought of not having you hurt me.
now that i don't..well that hurts even more.
anger filled inside of me, and i suddenly felt numb.
sadness now occuring.

I've thought of you nonstop over the past month.
and i hold your necklace next to my heart.
because just the thought of you makes me happy.
and heals all of my major wounds.

By now you think i've moved on.
but i really haven't.
even though i say i'm happy for you..
i still cry myself to sleep at night thinking of you.

I feel deep down inside of me that you still have feelings.
Those same feelings i have for you.
though your forced to keep them inside.
and that makes me hurt even more.

I'm bleeding on the inside now,
my heart is torn to pieces.
Poorly patched pieces lay to rest.
never to be fixed again.

true love will never die,
thats what they tell me.
well that is terrifyingly true.
because the feelings i have for you now will last a lifetime.

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So raw, so real, so powerful - it won't help your pain to say 'thank you', but thank you anyway for putting your pain into words.
Not bad, Not Bad, but it can have been better. But overall 8/10.