True Morality Is Essential

I spend much time
Right and wrong.
I don’t dwell
On popular
Concepts of sin,
Most of what
Is condemned
Is desirable and sensual.
Does anyone really
Desire never to see
A woman’s nudity
For whom he is not married to?
To not get carried away
In the arms of an embrace
And by exhilarating kisses,
Perhaps even forbidden ones?

But true morality is essential!
Don’t lie for advantage,
Don’t hurt anyone carelessly
Or intentionally!

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (2)

I so agree Uriah, but I do like the tasty bits! ! ! ! ! OOooohhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! YES! Nice poem, enjoyed the reading of it. Love Ernestine XXX
Morality is essential, indeed. If we all gave in to what we wanted, the world would descend into animal chaos. Our morality binds us to each other and to God.