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True Poets Are Few

Though many aspire to poetic greatness few do make the grade
For it is said about poets they are born not made
Those who aspire to poetic greatness are many and true poets are few
You may say to that tell us something that is new
Many refer to themselves as poets but it seems fair to say
That true poets are rare in the Human World of today
Literary degrees may make you a literary critic of note
But a literary critic is one not born to be a poet
Robert Burns did not have literary degrees the man the Scottish celebrate
He was born into life to be a poetic great
In Scotland he commands the highest literary place
The pride of his clan and the pride of his race
I have met a few literary people of note
But as of yet i have not met a true poet
So many with words who like to have a play
But poets are not made they are born to become poets one day.

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