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True Rhymers

Their efforts may quickly fade on the pages of time
The rhymers they never do run out of rhyme
Though one can say of their sort that they had their day
Since so few things in life as they were ever stay
The rhymers their wells of inspiration never seem to run dry
That at writing rhymes they are quite prolific none ought to deny
And the true rhymer never gives rhyming away
He or she writes rhymes for the love of it not for fame or pay
Though rhymers looked on by the literary dons as an ordinary breed
The Wordsmith trade of their sort is also in need
In the twenty first century literary circles rhymers are looked on as out of date
Nowadays they are not the writers literary critics celebrate
And though the time of the rhymers in the forever gone
The true rhymers love rhyming and they keep on rhyming on.

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