True Roots

Like colored hair, I revealed my true roots 2 u.
Sooner then any other b4 u.
Know I am more then 1, less then a 100 but can I b the satisfaction u seek.
Wrapping ourselves around the concept of each other.
Was the 1st. time out of lust?
Will the 2nd time b out of romance?
What will the 3rd. time b out of?
We'll d'cide later.
What's next?
But 4 now our d'sires has been 4filled.
I'll kiss places that will have u saying my name.
Tracing the out line of your hidden lips,
with the tip of my tongue.
Wanting 2 make u wet with a sexual appetite 4 me.
Willing 2 give u warm licks of a m'agenative lover,
creeping around and b'tween your thighs.
4 as long as u r compliant...
Not wanting 2 wash your scent from the hairs of my chinnie chin chin.
Gone from just a friend,
2 your lover.
Stress released,
u falling asleep n my arms.
Telling me 2 hold u close,
so u don't float away.
We both falling asleep on a cloud.
Till next time...
want me,
think of me,
hopefully love me!

Your lover.

by m.karriem saleem

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