True Tale Of Courting

Off my pitch said puss to Alex,
this territory is mine, your presence
causes vex, intruder arched his creamy back
with cold, blue stare sat stiff, proud, gazed
around ignored Black's glare.
She is not a bad looking puss, ran through his
mind could be a nice mate if so inclined, he
eyed sleek black fur, green eyes glow, I know
I will be alright if I court slow.
Of course she has a split in her left ear, this
mars her beauty quite a lot I fear.
Get off my land, tabby hissed, not in the least
inclined to be kissed.
I only came to say hello now you ask me to go?
Yes off you go you chocolate cream, your
symmetrical perfection makes me scream, whoever
heard of a blue-eyed cat? You are Siamese I want
none of that.
Her hackles up, she pounced towards the male.
quick as lightening, sparks flying, she bit him
on his tail, he howled with pain, spun towards
the dear, she took the chance and ... split his
beautiful right ear.

by Grace Whyte

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