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True To My Rhyming Ways

I am one of those who does pen heaps of rhyme
And i have been doing it for four decades of time
Of Nature and people i pen rhymes every day
An addictive rhymer of me one might say

A poet i have never pretended to be
Such a word is not best to describe one like me
An ordinary rhymer that will do me fine
With the distinguished literati i will never sip wine

Of material to rhyme on i never run out
And always plenty of things for me to rhyme about
I do not have to look for them the rhymes come to me
To rhyme is so easy as easy can be

Anyone who claims the title of poet for himself or herself with me is okay
Since we all look at ourselves in our own sort of a way
I have been called negative and one of low self esteem by more than a few
But they tell me of myself what i already know and that to me nothing new

For four decades of years i have been penning rhyming stuff
And for longer than that i have been a rhyming buff
My best physical years in decades long gone
But true to my rhyming ways i will rhyme on.

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