True Yoga

India is the ground zero
And spritual center of yoga
It has very strong roots in Indian soil.

Yoga has come through long process
And uncountable tests on human being
It is not registered anywhere
Like other medical experiments
But it is a science… the inner engineering.

Stretching exercise and pranayama is not yoga
Yoga is not about the superficial smile,
namastes and vegan food
It is an inner alchemy.

Yoga in its complete form is
Jnana yoga, Karma yoga and bhakti yoga.

Yoga is a volcano within
that breaks down the hard core mental patterns,
Thoughts and ideas
It’s more to do with having a flexible mind
Than a flexible body.

Yoga is to bring down Buddha
From the pedestal
And to manifest within.
Yoga helps understand obstacles
At a mental and physical level
And systemeatically break them down
Through a process of inquiry,
Contempletion, postures
And right breathing.

The world needs to embrace
The true yoga.

by Asit Kumar Sanyal

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It is a well-written poem on classical yoga which is basically poles apart from general western practices now a days. Thank you for sharing. Tushar Ray