My Religion Is Humanism

I am not a Christian.
I am not a Muslim.
I am not a Buddhist.
I am not an atheist.
Even I don't believe in Hinduism.
My faith is in humanism.

If a Hindu worships idols
Others call him a superstitious man.
If a Muslim prays to 'Allah'
Others laugh at him.
If a Christian calls Jesus the son of God
Others mock at him silently.

I believe in human and humanity.
I worship the truth and honesty.
I respect women and men
For their virtues and greatness.
If there is any God or Goddess
They are my beloved parents.

Where's heaven? Where's hell?
When jealousy, falsity and terrorism
Prevail in the hearts of human beings
And one drinks other's blood
He becomes a devil
And this earth seems to be hell.

But when man serves and saves mankind
With his devotion, love and life
And spreads the fragrance
Of peace and happiness over the earth
He is not less than God
And this earth becomes heaven.

By Dipankar Sadhukhan
Kolkata, India.
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by Dipankar Sadhukhan

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