Truimph Or Moment Of Glory

This is the first for me,
This is the first for my country,
This is not only a gold medal but honour to my country,
This is the triumph that has eluded so long.

My hands are flailing,
O'er to kiss the sky my head are aloft,
My body is jerking like truimph horse,
I am obliged like a martyr for which i have finally done for the country.

Today, i can glee at those who had teased for my dreams,
I can tell my father to raise his head as i am a hero now,
I can show my mother why she quarreled i was best,
And also to young one's for which i can be called inspiration.

One micro second has what made the difference,
It has come after running millions of metres from morning to evening in field,
I am happy that i am truimphant,
Not only because i beat the contestant but also for those who have believed me so long.

by Sambidhan Acharya

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