Truly Cold

Poem By Iruuka Blackheart

Walking in the winter cold
Dressed only in shorts, so bold
Laughing as the air bites my torso
Living life in cold..............Or so
I think as I try to hide it...
My fright of life despite it
I have friends, that I love so dearly
I love them all to death sincerely
But I hurt inside the pain so great
That I wonder why I have this fate
Ate by the depression
Ate by the hate
The pain my soul is taking
Is oh to great
Thinking love was just cruel bait
To make me open to the world
The thought of it makes me want to hurl
I’de rather die then be here in the cold
Where once i thought that I controlled..
My emotion but alas I do not
I tried just living as a bot
But emotion has found me yet again
And I wonder how hard it has been
Since I first felt this kind of pain
Its like a never ending hateful rain
Then I realize I have become this
The hate, The pain, Made me an endless abyss
Turning every thought against me
Taking it’s toll stealing it’s fee
My mind twice attacking itself
All because of what I felt
Now I sit here wondering why
Knowing I truly want to die...
Why you ask? Why wish for death?
Ahh I yearn for it to my last breath
The things I’ve faced the pain I’ve bared
Just think and have it compared
To cruel inhuman punishment
This is the image I have sent
The only other way to be cruel to me
Is to have me live for another day to see
I wish myself gone non existent
I have no where where I can just vent
Out my frustration my anger my sadness...
Which is now slowly turning into madness
I’m going insane I’m already half way there
I’ve had more than my fair share
And with this poem my existence will cease
Lucas Howes- May I Rest In Peace

Written By Lucas Howes AKA Iruuka Blackheart

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