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Truly, Deeply, Sorry.

truly, deeply, sorry.

for i must leave today.
my presence's is lacking.
my heart is full of ache,
pain and suffering.

my emotions are none the less, plain.
my hands shake, as my last words,
were spoken towards you.

sweetie, my love.
im truly, deeply, sorry.
but the laughs are gone,
the smiles, left us.
we no longer clash.

this shall be my last words,
i couldnt bare too see you move on.
i couldnt bare to see you cry.
But sweetie when you need me,
ill be near by.

im truly, deeply, sorry..

(my love for you will never end.. but its just time for us to go our separate ways.11.23.07. ill always remember that day. JlovesK!
forever till the end of time..)

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loved this poem. your gf should really read it...because you are really sorry i understand that feeling, been through it once hope you ok -curly