AG (July 28,1991 / Canada)

Truly Did Miss

Ignore me than talk, just as soon as you choose,
Can’t give me a reason so now we both lose.

I know that I hurt you now please tell me how,
Let me apologize and fix it, renew the vow

Never meant to upset you, thought we were friends,
Figured we’d laugh together until the world ends.

But you’ve changed so much, and I know I have too,
Cause after the pain you caused me I can’t forgive you.

Expect me to act the same, to joke and have fun,
After you act like I don’t exist and tempt me toward a gun.

Was doing my best but you wouldn’t reply,
Though every night I’d sit with a tear in my eye.

And now you came back and I finally realized,
All the great things I thought of you were misconceptions and lies.

So now I’m mad at myself for letting it bother me,
Thinking about you too much, should have just let it be.

Tonight I told you that you weren’t worth all this,
It was not you, but our memories, that I truly did miss.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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