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Truly Me
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Truly Me

All I want to be
Is truly me
But to be truly me
I must first be truly free
But how can this dream possibly be?

To be free
I must understand
Everything that I am
But to understand just what I am

There are things I need to know
But before I know, first I need to go
Leave behind what I've already seen

To clear my mind
Allow the possibilities of what i may find
To learn the way of others
Children, leaders, soliders, and brothers
Even criminals and their mothers

But to learn the ways
I must keep asking questions everyday
Shake things up, never let it lay

How did things come to be?
What things are important to me?
One day when all my questions have been asked
I will finally know what it means to be true to me
And then finally I will be free.

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Comments (2)

Good writing....Thanks.
Wonderful poem! Makes the message so clear. Amazing detail. It reminds me of a friend. Thanks so much. Beautiful poem.