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Is downright scary
Like mark Rubio said
He's endorsed by the KKK
Enough said
In co hoots they are
Probably sleeping together too
Stroking each other as well
Says he knows nothing about white supremacy
What a crock of **** what a Joke
If you believe that I have swamp land for a dollar
In the Florida everglades
Wants to be associated with famous quotes
I have thousands for him
I bet you do too
He'll lead us into Armageddon
Knows nothing but nothing except business
If you vote for him
You might as well kiss America good bye
With its rolling hills & majestic mountains
I'm with the celebs if he wins
I'm moving to Antarctica
Running for the hills
Shacking up with the penguins
In an igloo somewhere
A vote for trump is a vote for Hitler
Who wants a repeat of the Auschwitz?
Words spoken by Leah feelings by many

by Leah Ross

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